Jill & Tom Origins Of Health is an Osteopathic medical center that specializes in Osteopathic Manipulation, including Cranial Osteopathy, Integrative Medicine and holistic wellness. We integrate our personal passion and extensive medical training while working with you to develop a personalized approach to health that stimulates the self-healing forces within. Our goal is to assist you in realizing optimum health while being free to enjoy life and all it has to offer.

“Osteopathy is a science with possibilities as great as the magnitude of the heavens. It is a science dealing with the natural forces of the body. We work as osteopaths with the traditional principle in mind that the tendency in the patient’s body is always toward the normal. There is much to discover in the science of osteopathy by working with the forces within that manifest the healing processes. These forces within the patient are greater than any blind force that can safely be brought to bear from without.”

– William Garner Sutherland, D.O.

This philosophy serves as the foundation of our medical practice. While it’s easy to point out what’s wrong, it’s often much more difficult to notice what is right.  The body has the inherent wisdom of life that guides it.  If we listen to and work with the body’s natural healing powers the results are often amazing.  This is what sets Origins Of Health apart from others; we focus on health and teaching you how to ignite the self-healing powers within so you can experience the true joy of living a healthy life.

“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”

-A.T. Still, MD, DO, founder of Osteopathic Medicine.