At Origins Of Health, our goal is to provide simple, yet effective holistic medical approaches to solve your toughest medical problems, so you can spend more time focusing on enjoying life. Many times people suffer unnecessarily because their current medical care is focused on the latest technologic breakthrough rather than the true source of dis-ease in the person.

Our approach is patient-centered and focuses on all aspects of your being: Body, Mind & Spirit.  Dr. Moorcroft focuses on and supports your internal self-healing abilities, so you are able to heal from the inside out. By using this approach, the source of dis-ease is more readily noticed and healing occurs not only more rapidly, but more completely.

You have the power to heal deep within you. Sometimes it just needs a little support to get through a tough spot. At Origins Of Health, we offer several supportive modalities that are personally tailored to your health and healing needs.

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Osteopathic Manipulation

Integrative Medicine

Chronic Illness without a Diagnosis

Nutritional Consultations

Bio-Identical Hormones