Nutritional Consultations

Our nutritional consultations focus on whole foods that invigorate your body while also nourishing your soul. Our approach integrates sound nutritional science and our personal experience with your particular goals and unique physiology. Our particular interest lies in utilizing a nutritional approach that supports your body’s natural physiology and works with the natural rhythms of your nervous system.

There are many different approaches to diet and nutrition out there today. Some are very good and others are not. The question is, which one is right?  The answer is, well, there is no right answer that fits everyone.  There are general nutritional principles that need to be applied to each person as an individual. It’s also important to note that many “accepted” nutritional truths are inaccurate and are actually the complete opposite of what medical research has discovered. The best approaches to nutrition follow the “middle of the road” philosophy.  Balance and diversity are key.

The word diet has been greatly mis-used in modern times. It takes its origins from the Greek word diaita, literally, manner of living. So, diet really describes your eating lifestyle. As the old adage goes, ‘you are what you eat. ”

Our goal is to help you rediscover the joys of eating a healthy, balanced diet.  The foundation of lifelong health and joyous living is proper nourishment. In our comprehensive nutritional consultations, we share years of clinical and personal nutritional experience to help you discover the eating lifestyle that’s right for you. You leave with an action plan that’s fun, effective and delicious!

We have found that paleolithic eating principles are appropriate for most of our patients. Paleo eating principles minimize exposure to pro-inflammatory foods and toxins. The resulting decrease in systemic inflammation and toxin levels leads to improvements in overall help. A paleo diet is nutrient dense and provides good amounts of healthy fats. Almost all of our patients who incorporate paleo principles into their eating lifestyle notice increased energy, improved cognitive function, less overall pain, and weight loss.

Some paleo resources we have found help include:


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The healthiest and least expensive foods are often locally grown.

Find meat, dairy, and eggs from grass fed animals in your local area

Find farmers markets in your local area